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Organisation Design

Yasuhiko IZUMIMOTO, our CEO, has specialised in strategy consulting, especially strategy formulation since his career at PwC Consulting, and has also led projects in the area of ​​organisational strategy to develop structures to ensure the execution of the formulated strategy.
People generally only relate "organisational structures" to “organisation”. Nonetheless, we believe that the critical part of the organisation is "roles." The overall picture of "roles" is the logical deployment of what the company or organisation should do in order to achieve the corporate goals or accommodate their raison d'être. The “roles” are then linked to positions / management layers.
Once the roles are mapped to the logical structure and authorities, they are arranged vertically and horizontally according to practicality, which then become an "organisation structure".
We validate whether the roles have functioned as intended in both outcomes and processes through the use of a tool called balanced scorecard (BSC). When designing a strategy, one ought to define it at the role level and design the BSC. The role of the consultant is not to design these on behalf of the client, but to provide tools, work together and accompany the client so that the client project team become capable of formulating roles, authorities, BSC autonomously.

Project case

  • 1. Role definition and BSC development (Japanese automotive, Japan, languages: Japanese and English)

    With the large-scale organisation reform, roles of specific departments were redefined and BSC was developed accordingly. What followed was that we conducted change management for major business sites for R&D production, IT, and administration in Japan. Project period: 15 months
  • 2. BSC review (electronic components, Japan, language: Japanese)

    Reviewed BSC of a major business unit by holding one-on-one meetings with general managers. As a result, consistency between roles and BSC improved significantly. Project period: 1 month
  • 3. BSC development (industrial materials, France, languages: English and French)

    In the process of operation reforms, we reviewed KPIs of all the departments and found that they were all result KPIs. We introduced the concept and designed BSC for all the departments and integrated them to the top management cockpit. Project period: 2 years