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Management diagnosis

There may be presidents who are wondering if all the processes of strategy formulation and execution of these strategy are progressing efficiently. Our management diagnosis consists of the following 4 elements: a) develop objectives, b) deploy objectives, c) define roles & responsibilities, and d) process and result management. We have developed this framework of management diagnosis based on our strategy project experiences not only in Japan but also Europe, Africa, Asia, North America for more than 20 years.
For example, here is a diagnosis question: "Are the financial targets clear?" Our diagnosis asks you not only whether there are clear financial targets but also how the financial targets were developed and who were involved through internal documents and interviews. We intend to find out whether or not they were determined top-down or they were the outcomes gathered from each level of genba (field), how often / well the communication was done between different layers of the organisation. Then we clarify roles to manage and operate the company.
10 critical questions consist of 5 right brain-oriented ones as well as the conventional 5 left brain-oriented ones such as analysis, fact or logic. We consider that strategy should be feasible and the employees should appreciate it and work towards executing it. It should not be that the strategy has been carefully formulated and yet no one comprehends or support it. Strategy is developed and executed by logic, passion and creativity.

Our management diagnosis can be conducted coherently throughout the company - including headquarters, domestic and overseas sites and subsidiaries.

Project case

  • 1. Management diagnosis on governance and operations (industrial material, France, languages: English and French)

    We conducted management diagnosis from the view point of logic and story line by reviewing business plans that were developed by the French President of the client, acquired by a Japanese company of the same industry. We analysed details of the business plans, the reporting methods and operations. Based on the result of the diagnosis, we worked on governance and operation reforms over two years
  • 2. Management diagnosis (healthcare, France, languages: English, French and Japanese)

    Upon the request from the President of the Japanese parent company, we conducted the diagnosis of the French operations which were not profitable for a long period of time. The project proceeded with the sales and operation reforms for a year until they turned to profitability.
  • 3. Management diagnosis for production, engineering and administration (food, Seyshelles and Ghana, languages: English and French)

    We conducted management diagnosis for the French food manufacturer's subsidiaries and developed a roadmap to set goals and achieve targets. Subsequently, we ran the company-wide strategy deployment project for one and a half years in Seychelles. The result was above the client expectation hence we delivered a similar project in Ghana