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Management Routine

Yasuhiko IZUMIMOTO, our CEO, managed a French consulting company for over five years in Paris. There is a wide range of work for the top management: marketing and sales, personnel affairs and finance, etc. What is more, there are unexpected events almost every day and so his time at the company was hectic. Nevertheless, these top management jobs should also have routines, and we defined three cycles: the cycle of strategy, the cycle of governance, and the cycle of genba (field) support.
Firstly, the cycle of strategy is centred upon business strategy formulation such as business environment analysis, objective development, problem definition and solution identification. Secondly, the cycle of governance is to get a general consensus with shareholders in developing a strategy, obtain timely capital injection, establish sales and profit, and generate cash and review strategy. Thirdly, the cycle of genba support is to observe genba, ensure that the strategy is correctly executed, and support them in a timely manner.
Developing and customising this framework will make corporate management, especially overseas management, more sophisticated. We presume that relying on the excellent human resources alone will bring considerable burdens to corporate management.

Project case

  • 1. Introduction of the management routine (industrial materials, France, languages: English and French)

    Based on the mid-term strategy the President of a French industrial manufacturer developed, we designed the balance scorecard (BSC) led by genba and shared it with shareholders in order to maintain good relationships with the Japanese shareholders as well as the genba in France. Due to the effectiveness of the management routine, they achieved the target financial results earlier than expected. Project period: 2 years
  • 2. Establishment of management routine (luxury related products, France, languages: English and French)

    We built management system for the French head of a luxury related manufacturer based on the management routine and developed management data and information framework involving the group CEO at the Japanese headquarters. Project period: 2 years
  • 3. Application to management trainings (Japanese automotive components, Europe, North America and ASEAN, language: English)

    We supported the introduction of management routines together with BSC for European, ASEAN and North American subsidiaries of automotive components manufacturer as a standard framework for all the group companies worldwide. Language: English, ongoing since 2012