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03-5219-1466 受付時間 9:00〜18:00(平日)

Mindset / Culture

"Transnational Mindset" training/workshops have been designed especially for the Japanese managers who currently work or will work abroad. It aims to develop international insights, improve discussions and inter-cultural skills for the Japanese managers.
"Mutual Understanding with Japanese Colleagues" workshops aim to foster the mutual understanding between non-Japanese and the Japanese when they work together. We find that issues and difficulties arising from the perception gaps between non-Japanese and Japanese staffs in overseas subsidiary operations to be enormous. In many cases, it tends to result from both sides, rather than either the local people or the Japanese. So, it is crucial for the local people to deepen their understanding on the culture and work style the Japanese have and vice versa. We provide explanations about not only “what” and “how” but also “why”, by showing historical backgrounds, education systems, post-war economic growth, etc in Japan. We have strong expertise in Euro-Japan relations.
"Creativity." Bruno Munari, an Italian genius who is a designer, an artist, an inventor and an art educator, writes in one of his books "Fantasia" that a) overturning & inversion, b) similarity, c) exchange & substitution, and d) association are the four activities that can be applied to business arena in order to exert creativity. In line with this idea, we conduct workshops with the presentations to the top management with storyboards as the final outputs. The targeted departments for the workshop are research laboratories, R&D, marketing and so on.

Project case

  • 1. Workshop for the "talents for global business" (consumer products, Japan, language: English)

    The client selects the "talents for global business" every year based on the English proficiency and personality. We request the selected talents to answer 18 questions in advance that are typically asked by a non-Japanese person. A One-day workshop is to follow where we discuss selected topics on politics, economy, and religion facilitated by our CEO.
  • 2. Workshop for mutual understanding with the Japanese (automotive, France, language: English)

    Delivered a one-day workshop on Lean Practice and Japanese business culture to management people of a French automotive manufacturer (OEM) relating to history, education, culture of Japan
  • 3. Innovation workshop (electric, Japan, language: Japanese)

    Reviewed presentations on new research themes to the top management in terms of innovation, storyline and business context. As a result, responsible managers learnt how they can better convince their top management.