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Facilitation skill. It is a communication skill assuming one-to-many. The facilitator may be a facilitating the meeting, but in reality it carries far more roles than just delivering the meeting. First of all, one has to clarify the purposes, contents and participants of the meeting and hold the meeting. In addition, one must control the discussions so that we can maximise the output, promote divergence and convergence, and manage the time during the meeting. It is beneficial to learn DO's and DON'Ts as a facilitator in a systematic and practical way.
Active listening. This skill is mainly applicable to one-on-one communication, but in fact it can be applied to one-to-many communications as well. Although it may seem inappropriate to add "active" to the passive act of "listening", this means that the listeners “actively” promote the speakers to talk. There are five dimensions for listening. Once the different dimensions of listening are understood, one needs to transform the listening skills into coaching skills.
Logical thinking. Logical thinking helps improving the effectiveness of one’s communication extraordinarily even in the case of a presentation to the top management with a limited time, and communication in English that one is less comfortable with. In fact, this is also the essence of strategic thinking. We provide logical thinking programmes to every management level walking though the steps of strategy formulation.

Workshop / training case

  • 1. Strategy formulation workshop (Languages: English and Japanese)

    Improving the facilitation skills is required during the programme as the training programme for strategy formulation (usually lasts for 2 to 3 days) is done by group works. We will provide programmes in Japanese and English mainly for executive candidates, department managers and managers
  • 2. Organisation Development Workshop (Languages: English and Japanese)

    In the training programme focusing on organisation development which lasts for 1 to 3 days, we will cover active listening and coaching in a practical form in association with organisation and human resources. We will provide programmes in Japanese and English mainly for the executive candidates, department managers and managers
  • 3. Action Learning (Languages: English and Japanese)

    In a series of 5-10 training sessions for board member candidates or general managers level, a presentation to the President is included as the final output. While preparations and reviews are repeated for several months, our CEO carefully supports all processes on the theme selection, data collection, analysis, logical structure, and story development