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Human resources

Our human resources development solutions are based on competency assessment/succession planning, management training and executive coaching.
Competency assessment based on our proprietary 4V model is utilised for succession planning, promotion judgment, HR development, etc. This model has been developed based on the previous experiences of Yasuhiko IZUMIMOTO, our CEO, when we worked at Heidric & Struggles. During his career at the company, he interviewed hundreds of senior management people in Japan who were candidates at the President level of foreign-affiliated companies, and also got engaged with board members assessment. The 4V model is divided into four areas: a) grasping the business environment (View), setting company directions (Visualise), executing strategy (Vitalise), and verifying actions (Validate). These comprise of 16 capability items and 64 sub-capability items, which are consistent with a set of interview questions we have.
Management education and training programmes are provided in English or Japanese to senior management, future CEOs, directors, and middle management (Japanese participants only, non-Japanese only or mixed). As shown in the diagram below, educational programmes and workshops range from strategy formulation to strategy execution, from logic construction to creativity demonstration. Upon request, we will send you a list of our key training experiences.
Executive coaching supports the Japanese middle to senior management or Japanese / local presidents of overseas operations to develop objectives, define or discover issues, identify solution, etc. For local or non-Japanese presidents of overseas operations, we provide support to establish smooth relationships with the Japanese parent company, shareholders and/or colleagues. Executive coaching can be combined with succession planning, competency assessment and management training.

Project case

  • 1. Promotion judgement for managers (pharmaceuticals, West Europe and Japan, language: Japanese)

    After management training, we conducted a series of competency assessments to support promotion decisions of a Japanese subsidiary of a west European pharmaceutical manufacturer. Language: Japanese
  • 2. Competency assessment of the local candidates for local CEO (automotive, Japan and Thailand, language: English)

    Competency assessments were conducted after management trainings for the local CEO candidates of a Japanese automotive manufacturer (OEM) for 2 years. Language: English
  • 3. Executive coaching for the local Vice President (electric, France, language: English)

    In order to facilitate communication with the Japanese President who was appointed from the parent company, coaching to the French Vice President was conducted due to the Japanese President's request. Language: English