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2018.07.06 Lecture and publication

Lecture for Managers of Railway Company (October 2017)

I gave a half-day lecture to managers for a railway company. Approximately 160 people joined the lecture and the topic was the "firm management of business." They came up with the title of the lecture as that they want the directions indicated by the top management to be penetrated to the field through all the layers. We agreed with the client on the following objectives and planned the contents of the lecture:
1. Learn the basic steps of strategy formulation and execution when breaking down management policy,
2. Motivate managers to implement management policies from the perspective of overall optimisation of the company, considering the strengths and weaknesses of the company and group companies,
3. Study the structure of the organisation to effectively develop management policy,
4. Be aware of the roles as a manager to so that they can promote their subordinates to take actions when required, and
5. Clarify their thoughts on what to change and what not to change
This half-day lecture did not take a form of speech but we facilitated group works and discussions. Firstly, we played a game to realise the difficulty of communicating a message to others. Even when the message is rather simple, it is difficult to encourage actions without deviating from its original intentions of the messages.
Then the participants did 4 sets of group discussions to share the opinions regarding the strengths, weaknesses, strategy, vision, organisational structure, and mindset of the company. (The questions were prepared in advance for the participants to be ready for the discussions)
Since we had more than 160 participants, I responded to individual questions and supported group works as a lecturer and facilitator in the space like a gymnasium and I was running around. I enjoyed the active session very much.
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