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2018.07.06 Liberal arts

Juichi YAMAGIWA, President, Kyoto University Katsuhiro KOHARA, Professor, Doshisha University (November 2017)

I have been registered with a study group for fusion of religion, art and science for two years. On the 11th of November, I attended lectures by Professor Katsuhiro Ohara, the Department of Theology at Doshisha University and Professor Juichi Yamagiwa, the President of Kyoto University. Lectures were given in the sanctuary at the Daitokuji Temple where it is usually prohibited to enter.
Professor Kohara is a professor of religious studies in the Department of Theology. In the context of the diversity of "what it means to live," he talked about the unique aspects of the Japanese perceptions regarding "to live." He introduced difficult disciplines in an easy-to-understand set up.
The next lecturer was Professor Yamagiwa, who is famous for his researches on gorillas. When he was a new comer to the research of gorillas, he stayed with a group of gorillas in a jungle in Africa; getting up with gorillas, eating with gorillas and sleeping with gorillas for several months. Only then, he says he started understanding the mentality of gorillas. I am introducing you to a story which left a big impression on me. The gorillas which does quadruped walking, use all 5 functions of senses fully by using different features of the body e.g., their faces to separate the grasses. On the contrary, he believes human beings depend too much on their hands to feel the outer world, hence do not fully use the 5 functions. He considers it pity.
As I asked numerous questions during the lectures, I was able to get to know them better and really enjoy well-developed conversations at the dinner which followed the lectures.

From the left, Professor Kohara, Hideo Yoshiii, CPA, Myself, President Yamagiwa
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